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Healthy School - Lunches

At Beechview Academy we are striving to achieve the Healthy Schools Award, which consists of supporting children in their social and emotional health, PSHE and physical activity. The other key aspect of this award is healthy eating, which we teach the children about through our curriculum in both PSHE and science lessons. 

School dinners are provided through the company Innovate, who carefully plan nutritious meals for the children - please see the school lunch menus below. Whilst we love school dinners, we recognise they are not for everyone. So if you are preparing the packed lunches for your child, all we ask is that you consider what you are including and does it support their understanding of the importance of healthy eating.  

Eating healthily is very important as it supports healthy lifestyles, which means children have better immune responses and so do not miss as much education due to absences, but also means when they are in, their diet is giving them lasting energy to remain focussed and engaged.

The NHS website: Better Health, Healthier Families has lots of ideas for planning healthy packed lunches and recipes. Why not ask your child to help plan with you.

Snacks are welcome and appreciated for morning break times. Please avoid chocolate bars, sweets or crisps. Suitable snacks include fruit, yogurts or cereal bars.

School Lunch - Booking your meals and the menus

At Beechview Academy, our school lunches are provided by Innovate and must be booked through their website, which you can find here: Innovate Website

All school lunches, including Free School Meal Lunches needed to be booked via this website by Saturday for the following week. Please find a guide to help with your booking below.